The Lark is a magazine for children, filled with poems, stories, artworks  and more!

With The Lark as your guide, you may undertake a journey through each edition, stopping now and then to chat about big things and small things, life, the universe, and what to have for lunch.










There are riddles to be solved, poetry to say out loud, storytellers to meet from long ago, and works of art to wonder about!


And when you close the last page Friend,

We offer you this challenge...

You become THE CREATOR.  Pen it , mould it, paint it, speak it. Find a snail,  or one of those little black boxes to carry your message to us and we will share it....



So, my child, are you ready to                         



Well then, choose a quill, press on              it, and find out all about 


                Kids Quills!


What is this Lark you speak of?

With The World!

Want to take a quick peek at what's in the First Edition?

 Like to find out how The Lark began?