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                             My name is Anna O'Faolan

And if you said it like this ; O'- Fway- Lawn, then you'd be honouring the Gaelic language.

I am a writer. Perhaps I have always been a writer. As a child I loved to make books out of stapled together bits of paper. I produced my first play in grade 2. I started a journal at 8. I studied literature with intensity for many years. I wrote really long messages in birthday cards. Even now, I am overdoing it. Sshhh.

But my own creative writing only really caught up with me a couple of years back. I now write poems, stories, riddles, plays, songs, flash fiction, freelance articles, and so on. I have recently begun post graduate research by creative practice, thanks to a scholarship. So I am writing my first novel length piece of junior fiction. This makes me very happy and I can't wait to find out what is going to happen next....

The magazine began as a creative project I could enjoy with my children. The character of the Lark I owe  to a feisty magpie. She used to swoop me every morning as I went running down my favourite country lane, and always made me laugh.  I thought, well, if I only ever make one Lark Magazine, then we will have it always on our bookshelf. Now there are four, and I need to build an attic in my mind to store all the ideas I have for future editions. 

What I love about this project is the way it keeps me thinking, working and connecting ideas. I love speaking with artists, writers, and musicians at all stages of their work.  Many of them are 'closet' creators who must be heavily cajoled into entering a picture or a poem. But when they do, they always smile. This is my favourite part.

The Lark is a self funded  Independent project numerous steps away from commercial sustainability.

But for now I will keep creating The Lark for as long as I can, because it brings me joy.


The Lark is an independently published magazine which aims to compliment and add further dimension to the diverse world of learning experiences available to children.  


The Lark includes regular segments on the history of story telling, introductions to authors from the past, a fun look at the practices of philosophical enquiry, as well as mythology, songs, spoken word, riddles, and plays.


The magazine seeks to create a sense of our past for readers, in a way that is humorous and enjoyable, in the hope of generating curiosity and discussion about the world we live in, where we have been, and where we are going.


Each edition will contain work from both adults and children, artists and writers , many of whom are at the beginning of their careers as professional creators, even though they may have been working at their craft for a long time. 


The Lark is committed to supporting creators, and welcomes submissions, most specifically from children.


 The magazine will be offered in print format, and will be posted to readers by mail. 

 It will contain serial stories, and characters appearing regularly, so readers can come to know and enjoy a relationship with The Lark, his Kin, and their worlds. 


The Lark Magazine also has a digital component, which can be found on this website, and which aims to compliment and extend the enjoyment gained through reading the magazine. It will include activities, a gallery of works, and some interactive creative projects, as well as educational resources. However, The Lark remains first and foremost, a small collection of pieces of paper, something to hold, read, re-read, and pile up under the bed.


 The Lark- a magazine for children,  is a publication for readers of all kinds, everywhere.


                                           All stories have a beginning in them somewhere.


                                      This is the beginning of The Lark- a magazine for children.