Educational Resources


History, Philosophy and Language


The Lark Magazine contains material that would be well suited as a complimentary resource for middle primary school , to early high school students. Regular segments on Philosophy, Authors from the past, language features such as Idioms, and the History of Storytelling, will develop with continuity across each Issue and can be used in this order as teaching resources, in the classroom, home schooling settings, or TESOL environments. 


Spoken word, Theatre and Role play.


The Lark offers regular content which encourages the practices of spoken word, role play and theatre. Poetry recitals, songs, plays and dialogues are regular features which students can enjoy and present.



Student Compositions


Kids Quills is a section in the magazine which encourages student contributions of all kinds,following a theme, and which could be offered to students in a creative writing/artistic setting.


Kids Quills Pen Pal Quest


This is a project which seeks to encourage students to write to  a friend, family member , or in the longer term, students from a "sister" school in another part of Australia. The concept of pen pals across Australia is currently under construction! But any interest or feedback would be most welcome.




I will be offering downloadable  PDF files of some of the material featured in the magazine, with some suggestions on how these may be used in a teaching setting.




Anna O'Faolan has a First Class Honours Degree in Literature , a Grad Dip Ed in English/History, and has experience with the K-12 curriculum, as well as the Waldorf/Steiner model of education