Fernanda Dos Santos

Fernanda Dos Santos lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  She is a proud grandmother who, one day on impulse, wrote a poem for her 3 beautiful granddaughters.  Upon seeing that they loved it so much that they laughed themselves silly all through the reading and then asked her for more, she was inspired to continue writing. 
Fernanda has now a total of 16 poems and 11 stories for children ages 6 through 14 as well as 13 poems for adults.  She has shared her collection with family and friends and their children who all insist that she should try to have them published.  



I once had an orange cat

Who liked to wear a funny hat.

He was very, very fat!

What do you think about that?


He ran to town

Walked up and down


Always with a frown.


“Look at that cat

Running around,

 looking like a clown!

Look at him go,

putting on a show!”


My cat saw a mouse coming out of a house.

The mouse wore blue shoes and sang the blues.


Said my cat to the mouse “Do you want to play a game?”

Said the mouse to my cat “Sure but first tell me your name.”


“My name is Spot because of my dot” said my cat.

“My name is José and I am all gray” said the mouse.


Along came a dog that looked like a hog.


“Is that a pig?”

“Or..a dog wearing a wig?”.


The town’s people laughed

 the dog barked.


“Look at the funny cat wearing the hat!”

“The mouse in the blue shoes, singing the blues!”

“The dog like a pig wearing a wig!”

 They all held hands and danced the jig.



Once there was a dog

Who went down to the river for a walk.

He was so tired that he yawned

But when he opened his mouth

In jumped a frog

And it was swallowed by the dog.


With a start

The dog tried to bark

But what came out

Was not even a shout




Instead he did it

The bark came out as a “Ribbit”.


Ribbit, Ribbit.

A dog?

Or a frog?

Who was he?

What was he going to be?


What was he going to do?

Would he end up in a zoo?


The dog was very sad.

He thought he might go mad.

When he tried to walk,

All he could do was hop.


At the river’s end

The dog had to hop over a fence.

Again he did it

He went Ribbit, Ribbit

But as he hopped he opened his mouth

And so the frog jumped back out.


The dog was now free to be

A dog again

And his strange adventure

Was at a happy end.