Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith has a B.A. in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University. She is working on a collection of poems and short writings with illustrations in the hope of having them published.


One of her poems is called “The Black Cat” and she does have a black cat named Ebony.  

The Black Cat 



Ebony can sleep anywhere to catch a wink

on top of the computer or curled up in the sink

snuggled inside the laundry basket

or draped over my red fleece jacket.


Sporting white whiskers and a tail that goes upright

with just one jump on the windowsill you alight

with amber eyes shining bright

you spy on pigeons to your delight.


In the dark you’re like a wide-eyed owl

and become the cat burglar on the prowl

when earrings and socks disappear at night

into your secret stash out of sight.


You sometimes get the “midnight crazies”

those silly antics of the feline species

when through the whole house you fly

like you’ve just seen a ghost walk by.


You can walk on narrow ledges on your dainty paws

and unroll paper towels with your claws,

get into the cupboard when you fancy

and open the door of the kitchen pantry.


On this earth walk a variety of cats

Siamese, tabby and tom cats

but of all the cats I prefer

my cat with the white whiskers and black fur.

Honey Bees



Honey bees in yellow jackets whizz by

happily buzzing as they fly

on a mission to collect pollen they roam

to fill the pockets of their honey comb.


Honey bees visit garden flowers

fly about and hover over

golden rods and fields of clover

to sip on flowers’ sweet nectars.


Honey bees fly around with haste

their tiny wings in rapid motion

carrying around the magic potion

to make honey with the heavenly taste.

The Tree House


Up in my tree house I have an enchanting view

I see water droplets sparkle on leaves of apple green

humming birds flutter their dainty wings and preen

I see fluffy white clouds in a sky of sapphire blue.


The world from here looks all shiny and new

sunlight turns into gold dust on the monarch’s wings

the red robin puffs up his bright chest and sings

and its a swell place to ponder and write a poem or two.

The Penguin


The roly-poly penguin looks dapper in his Sunday best

parading around in a black tuxedo and a snow-white vest.

He zooms down hills on his white belly tobogganing

with penguin chicks in black coattails following.


He dives off the edges of white ice flows

balancing gingerly on the tip of his toes.

He is the flippered-flyer of chilly ocean waters

toasty warm in his plush coat of feathers.

The Underwater World


Thousands of fathoms beneath the sea

is a mysterious and magical place to be

where abounds a wonderland of sea creatures

and gardens of red corals and sea flowers.


Exploring the ocean floor, I came upon an oyster bed

and discovered glistening sea stars of orange, blue and red

so, lost in reverie was I, when a swirl of colors caught my eye

a flurry of rainbow fish swam by.

The Sea Turtle


Ancient sea creature of prehistoric times

gentle giant of tropical climes

gliding along the ocean floor you roam

tucked inside an olive colored dome.


In the dark of night under moon glow

you abandon sea grasses and red corals below

emerging onto white sands whereon

you search for a place to spawn.


Brushing soft sands with a rhythmic motion

using your hind flippers to fashion

a birth nest where eggs of snowy white

will be hidden away from sight.


At night tiny turtles crawl out and onwards

across the white beach sands and seawards

towards the ocean horizon at sun glow

into the turquoise waters below.

Silver Dolphin



Silver dolphin in a turquoise sea

surfing the waves so agile and free

somersaulting through the air

with such finesse and flair.


Welcoming all with a cheerful grin

impressing us with a tail spin

jumping and playing and having fun

beneath the summer sun.


Sleek and gentle dolphin

you reach our spirits within

sharing a close bond without speaking

with gentle compassion and feeling.