Kids Quills

Hello Again Kiddos , 


Welcome to Kids Quills.


This is the part where you get to tell your story.


And take it from me, everyone has a story.




Some of us, well we like to talk a lot, so we tell our stories with words. Short stories, long stories, stories to bring a tear to your eye, stories of great adventure.


                                                       Some of us like to rhyme. 

                          You like to rhyme.? Ok, what's a word rhymes with orange? eh? eh?

Poems can be a lot of fun, and really make you laugh.


 And then there are others of us who like to tell a story with pictures. 


Unfortunately we don't have room on the page for those of you who tell your story with your body, dance, mime, groove or fly through the air in a cape while you sing it to us.

We're working on it.



Kid's Quills

 In each edition, we will have a word of guidance for your creations, just a gentle nudge with a wing feather on a quiet afternoon,



 Time to get out the pencils and clay, and ink 


Write it, draw it, paint it, whatever you like it..


Our theme for Issue 5 is;


      Mythical Creatures

If you'd like to create something outside the theme, go for it! Check our submission guidelines for advice.

In the meantime,

Here are some kids we found dancing under a waterfall in the Serendipity Rainforest.


               And here is their work. Take a look!

                                        You next..


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