Once upon a time, the best way to let someone know you were thinking of them, was to write a letter. Unless of course they were standing right in front you. In which case writing a letter would not be necessary. Unless of course you had accidentally swallowed a bug, and couldn't speak, and needed to get a message across quickly. In which case you might write something like, Help, i've swallowed a bug. And by the way , how are you?


So anyway, in the days before telephones...mobile phones..emails..texts..i'm sure that even as we speak there is a new form of communication climbing out of its cocoon ...but..


In days gone by, writing a letter was a fairly common thing to do. Transport was much more time consuming, and people lived often at great distances, a visit might happen only once a year. So in the meantime, letter writing was very effective.


Just imagine it. You are sitting down to breakfast, after a long morning milking Jemima, feeding the new piglets, collecting warm eggs from cosy straw nests.


Out of the kitchen window you can see the geese making their way past the wild violets and the cat is harassing a bunny who happens to be wearing a jacket and hat. In the far distance Apples your pony is standing in the morning light.


SUDDENLY!  You hear it. The sound of hooves thundering across the pastures, clattering up the path to the house, a quick dismount and a fresh faced gentleman is standing at the door. He removes his hat.


           "A letter for you, my child."


      And he hands you a white square of paper sealed with a red stamp of wax.


                                       Kind of like a text message. But better.







   Kids Quills Pen Pal Quest is an adventure in letter writing. A call to you and those in your life, to dust off the old pencil sharpener and fire up a pencil, and find out what it feels like to tell someone how you are.  Each copy of The Lark comes with a postcard, in case you can't find a bit of paper. And the best bit is, when you write to someone, they write back! 


We will be talking more about letter writing in the next edition of The Lark. If you would like an extra postcard, contact The Lark, and we'll send you one for free.  Only it probably won't arrive by horse....