Kids Photography Club

                                                                 Ok Kiddos, this is going to be great.

 One of the benefits of being a bird, is that you get to see things from all kinds of perspectives. Ever heard of a Bird's Eye View? That's what I get to see when i'm soaring above the ground. Things look mighty different from up there. Birds have keen eyes, and can focus on both tiny details and great sweeping landscapes.









But guess what? So can you.  The human eye is astonishing, and you human's, being very clever at making things, came up with the grand idea of making a machine to record what the eye sees. Yes! The camera. In the weeks ahead, I will invite Grandpa Sanderson Lark the 3rd in for a chat on the history of...THE CAMERA..It's Magic! But to kick off, we've decided to start with a Photography Exhibition. 

My Favourite Things


To enter, all  you have to do is take a photo, or series of photo's of some of your favourite things and send them to The Lark. Favourite things can be anything!


                  colour place person pastime pet food season sound


We will put them in the gallery below, and all submissions go in the draw for a chance to win a camera, as well as some other great prizes.


 I have started us off...but I found it hard to keep it to one!



 Submission guidelines are below.   Happy Snapping!

Photography Project Guidelines:


Simply take a photo, or series of 3 photos, which show others something about your favourite things.

Then grab some help if you need it to email photos to


Make sure you include your name, contact details, and age. You will then be in the draw for some great prizes!