Spontaneous Recitals of the Poetry of Robert Burns.

We have taken to the streets with our Handy Voice Recorder, in search of those brave enough to attempt a spontaneous recital of the Poetry of Robert Burns. This project aims to celebrate the diversity of language and remind us that we all carry the memory of ancient languages within us. We just might not realise it, until we begin to speak them.


 Nuala O'Faolan- age 8, takes the challenge. These recordings have not been rehearsed.


Nuala was not born in Scotland. Or Ireland. But both are in her blood...so they are.

Bonnie Peggy Alison

By Allen Stream

Death and Dying


To A Louse - Spoken by Sascha.


 Father of two lovely boys and dedicated supporter of  active engagement in the world, our past traditions, and our future- Sascha bravely takes the Rabbie Burns Challenge - without rehearsal.

Jamie Dunn- Taking the Rabbie Burns Challenge.


Jamie Dunn is a pure dead brilliant Glaswegian Lad, who helped out mightily carrying some gear from a taxi cab to the Markets, when he met James Lygo on the Streets of Sydney, Australia. This is their conversation.

To A Louse - 1786
Read by James Josse Linlithgow
Linlithgow is the original Scottish, for the shortened name Lygo, which James now carries. 

Address to the Woodlark 1795


Read by Anna O'Faolan- doing a right miserable Irish accent- after pleading with her Irish ancestors to help her out- but going ahead all the same, thus fulfilling a promise her children she would indeed take the challenge. Robert Burns is not Irish. Why she is doing it in Irish, I dinnae ken.