Will you take the Rabbie Burns Challenge?!

       You have been Summoned to a Challenge of the Spoken Word!


                  The Lark's Rabbie Burns Challenge celebrates the poetry of

                                               Robert Burns   

                                      (also known as Rabbie Burns)


A magnificent Author From The Past, who you can read about in the First Edition of The Lark Magazine. To take the challenge, all you have to do is stand on a stone, on a day so windy you can't keep the hair out of your mouth and recite the poetry of Robert Burns. Get your dog, a passerby, or best friend to help you record your recital and send it in!


 Grab a copy of The Lark, lads and lassies and take the challenge . We'll put your voices on here, right alongside your brave fellow warriors of The Spoken Word.       

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Submission Guidelines: 


The Poem we are celebrating in particular can be found in The Lark Magazine. Recite as much or as little as you can manage. Or...

If you would like to recite another Robert Burns poem, go for it!

 A recording can be made on a smart phone or any recording device, and emailed , and we can convert it as this end.


Send your audio files to:

The editor- Anna O'Faolan