Sing a song of Protest

Songs are wonderful things. They move in a way only songs can. There are about as many different kinds of songs as there are different kinds of people. And that's a great thing.


Songs can have us singing in the kitchen, tapping at the bus stop, or humming in the library. With so many people listening, songs can really make a difference to our day.



Songs are a great way to talk about

important things

that are happening in our world




What is a Protest Song? 



As long as people have been writing songs they have been talking about the world around them. But many song writers from the past would not have been allowed to sing about things they didn't like.



The fact is human beings have often struggled to be good to each other. When people are afraid, or simply don't know any better, they can become greedy and unkind. We have all experienced this, indeed we have all acted unfairly or unkindly at one time or another. But when this behaviour goes on an people refuse to change,it is important for others to let them know. That it is time to change. And sometimes you have to say it loud and clear.



To Protest against something is to say to the world, that you don't agree with it.                                                   That you think it should change. 



    In Issue 3 of The Lark Magazine, we looked at the Poet Bob Dylan, and talked about how he and some other wonderful singers and song writers wrote songs about change.



There will always be room in the world for more songs. So. If you have something you would like to see change in the world- perhaps it is time to write a Protest Song. You don't have to be a musician. You can just write the words, or just the music.... or both.





In the meantime why not get started? 



If you need some help write to me, the editor, Anna, at :


Good luck and have fun.