Submission  Guidelines


                                     The Lark has now closed submissions on the theme of FLIGHT.

You can check them out in the Second Edition of The Lark Magazine, and find out what our next theme will be!


What can I submit?




If you would like to write a story, poem, or song, you can simply email your work, or put it in the post. Written work will be then selected to appear either in print or on the website, in time for the second Issue of the Magazine to be released in March/Autumn 2016.



What about Art?


If you would like to submit a drawing, painting, sculpture or any other handcrafted work, please take a photo of it and email it to The Lark. If you would like to keep it simple and send your picture by post, you are welcome, but you must include a self addressed, stamped envelope if you would like it returned, otherwise The Lark will pin it up in his loungeroom and enjoy if for himself!



.Can I use technology?


If you would like to submit a photograph, audio recital or video, you are welcome, but you may need the assistance of an adult. This work can be emailed and will appear on the website, room and suitability permitting.

Can I create outside the theme? 


Yes you can. You might like to draw a picture of a character or an idea you have read about in the magazine, or have something of your own to say. The Lark will always try to make room for your creations,

where possible.



To Email:                                                 To Post:     The Lark Magazine

                                                                                    PO Box 8020                                  Dunoon 2480

                                                                                    NSW Australia.

All Kids Quills artists will recieve a copy of The Lark in the mail.


              Happy Creating!



Editor:  Anna O'Faolan

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