"Our whole family enjoys The Lark. It is such an amazing magazine and has something in there for all ages. The Lark inspired my eldest one to write a story for the next Issue, and my four year old asks me to read the stories in there over and over again. I love the way some of the stories get the kids to go outside and connect with nature, and to see what is around. And my husband loves to put on an Irish accent when he is reading and we all love it. Thank you to The Lark for such a beautiful magazine."     


 Martina Krauss



"Wow, The Lark - a beautifully crafted magazine that has a relaxed pace and an old style feel of beauty and quality to it that is a pleasure to read. This is a delightful breath of fresh air to discover in these modern times where much of the creative writing is seems to lack depth, as though it has been written in the car before rushing off to work. And of course, it is also a great forum for your children to share their stories and art. I highly recommend it."  


Tom Driftwood


"I like The Fox Girl, Talking to Trees, The Hopponwerry Bus.. and listening to 'Shadows' on Lark Radio. I tried the Rabby Burns challenge and it was really hard and we were laughing. Then I made up my own Rabby Burns poem."         Magnolia 7


"I wouldn't even call myself an intellectual if I didn't read the Lark Magazine on a Sunday morning...

...In some ways, opening the Lark Magazine is like entering another time. Time slows down as we meet the eccentric, enchanted, sometimes querulous characters on the page and follow their stories and conversations. The segments on philosophy, science, myth and storytellers from the past remind us that we are part of a much bigger, older story. Anna O’Faolan is passionate about making literature and culture relevant and engaging to children and invites them to contribute their own stories, poetry and art to the magazine. Telling one’s own story in words or pictures and seeing one’s work in print is always a thrill – even for grown-up artists like myself! It is an honour to have joined the Lark on its exciting new upward journey and I encourage you to get on board/ pledge your support/ get behind this project and help the Lark reach its goal. " 


Leonie Chinn



"The Lark is inspiring, uplifting and classical,  and can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. My daughters have loved seeing their work in print and have been inspired to create more. We have written a song together, and probably wouldn't have if not for The Lark. I love the way the website is set out, interactive, with artistic contributions such as recitals, and audio recordings in Lark Radio, and it would be exciting to see this grow. I highly recommend this publication."