Greetings and Welcome Merry Readers!  




       I am indeed your humble servant! 


And offer you here today a rich treasure,  of tales and delights .


I collect them for you, as I go about my travels.


Flying at a pace like a  sailor of the skies,  I am BRAVE, yes! 


And ready for anything.





















I am The Lark

At Your Service

Some folk say I’m crazy...


But I say


flatten your ears


to those who would tell you can’t, you won’t, you musn’t.


 I say, the show must go on!

Oh the snow might fall on my feathered back,

the wind beat at my sturdy brow,


but I just keep on, like a steam train, like a river,


     like a person who won’t stop talking!

Press Play

So !


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Tally Ho my friends!


So long for now.